Refining teas

Refine your teas

In China we store all types of tea in marvelous pottery.
This optimizes conservation, accelerates aging and initiates a refining process.
Like our Grands Crus Classés, teas are products of the region and knowledge.
Just like a Lamarzelle-Figeac or a Ducru-Beaucaillou, it will mature over the years. As the oxygen/volume ratio of the wine in a jeroboam is divided by four compared to a classic bottle, the wine ages less quickly and expresses more complexity, freshness and aromatic diversity. Based on this fermentation process, if your tea requires accelerated aging, you will be able to increase its oxidation by opening your brick or cake to allow it to breathe. Then you will store it in a terracotta pot for a cooked or raw puer tea, and a ceramic pot if the tea does not require breathing such as an Oolong or a Mao Fang.
They come in all sizes and shapes.

Shou Puer of 2000 favorite, In a terracotta pot. Terracotta pot 7 pancakes.

For 1, 3, 7 patties; 10 patties, 20, 30 patties, all heights and colors.

This process allows you to refine your mature teas.
Like a decantation, you can take malicious pleasure in lifting these temporal strata as in the video below.

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