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Choosing the right teapot

History of taste

Two rules: Have fun and have an appropriate teapot for a type of tea.
Below is a small exhaustive video to show you some teapots from my collection.
Most of them are made of terracotta and come from the province of Jiangsu, from the city of Yixing. Renowned for its particular sand, it makes it possible to produce quality teapots.
ChaoZhou's are shinier and less absorbent.
In Yunnan they are made of stone and different metals.
They are obviously all different since they are made by hand. There is the technique of winding and turning. Some may be made from a two-part mould. They are no less pretty, but just less original.

As you can imagine, like watches and timepieces, it is possible to acquire unique creations for substantial sums.

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