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Boil your aged teas

Coming from the south and southwest of China where tea culture is very developed, cooking tea over a fire or stove is very popular.

Depending on the tea and after a few infusions, the aromas diminish.

Specifically if they are old, after infusing them do not throw them away, boil them directly!

You will be surprised by the sweet tones they will offer you.

Indeed, following the infusions which release the aromas of the leaves, boiling the tea will allow the sap located in the stems to provide you with an incomparable nectar!

Select your favorite Puer, preferably very aged. (10 years minimum)

After enjoying its infusions and when it becomes less generous, put it in your kettle.

Use 100 degree water to transfer the tea from your teapot to your kettle. This will also allow it to be cleaned cleanly and dried quickly.

You can now boil for 10 minutes after boiling.

Your infusion will begin to take on voluptuousness and smoothness.

The color and flavors have evolved, you are at the heart of the tea!

I recommend letting it sit for 3 minutes before enjoying.

So !

The thick cocoa flavors are here!

Happy tasting!

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