My name is Alexandre Perrossier

Why offer you high quality Chinese tea?

For a story that is infused without lingering too much, I would say that I am lucky enough to travel a lot, and my taste buds were awakened with my first Argentinian mates, tasted on site, with the pampas and its infinite horizon.

I then had the opportunity to work as an architect in China, where rare products are very popular. Like French wines, Asia conceals terroirs with high potential which result in teas with strong personalities. My job means that I attach a lot of importance to harmony. So when I felt, had in my mouth, this structured nectar, built without failing to its land, I understood that I had there this exceptional palate that I have sought for so long in the development of a place of life, open to sharing.

It is these rare and precise sensations, imbued with age-old rituals, that I wish to spread in France, and wherever there is a question of refinement.

Throughout these pages you will find the flavors that I value the most. Aged teas and in particular cooked Pu-erh and raw Puer.

 I invite you to try the experiment: close your eyes to these ersatz dusts sold in standardized sachets, to adopt new tasting rites. Some teas, preserved for maturation purposes, are older than you. All of our teas use traditional farming methods that use no pesticides and only natural fertilizers when needed. They deliver their established flavors to you. Appreciate their typicalities, the richness of which offers you the pleasure that can be savored without moderation.

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¡Thank you Alejandro! For sharing this greatest passion to the world. Greetings from Mexico.

Catalina Rico

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