Tea a health ally to enjoy without moderation

I took up residence in China more than 17 years ago, and I wanted to integrate myself perfectly there. Beyond the language, the subtleties of which I learned, I gradually understood that a non-verbal expression, made up of ancestral traditions, habits and customs experienced on a daily basis, underpinned a subtle and fragile dialogue. A sort of strong cultural identity whose codes I had to grasp, if I wanted the veil of exoticism to disappear to give way to relations of brotherhood.
Among the many virtues recognized when tasting tea, I discovered one that was as pleasant as it was useful: its power to socialise.
I also gradually learned to recognize specific flavors, notes of terroir, and others exacerbated by the preparation of both the plant and the final drink. From the captivating and skilful rituals of Gai Wan, to the structured preparation of Gong Fu, to then returning to the glass teapot, I understood that one of the elements that connects this subtle art is partly linked to the quality of the water. Pure, slightly mineral, or filtered, which must be brought to 100° C. It will infuse and diffuse the best the plant has in store for us.

Well-being quickly appreciated

I quickly noticed that I was in better shape by consuming these rare teas, grown without pesticides, mostly organic, coming at least from a reasoned cultivation method.

My selections are all from these healthy approaches that guarantee an incomparable richness in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and other constituents whose antioxidant power is well established. Some very good articles are available on this subject, if you want to know more about the well-being and health benefits associated with Camellia sinensis. I particularly recommend the one on green tea from the magazine Sciences et Avenir below:

This one for teas in general (even if their classification remains light):


An exceptional tea shakes up the preconceptions often conveyed about China and its mass production, unfairly understood as low quality.

As you will have understood, beyond the pleasure of the senses, the quality that I suggest you welcome in your cups is a digest of green gold that is necessary for us to move forward serenely, in full possession of our means!

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