The ideal tea

The best tea… It is certainly not the most beautiful or the most expensive.

The best tea is the one that satisfies your palate.

During many meetings and discussions, I realized that many paths were similar.

We begin to appreciate this plant with scented teas such as Jasmine or Osmanthus, tastes evolve for green and white teas, then Oolong and finally Black and Puer.

The ideal tea is the one you enjoy at a certain time.

You can taste any type of tea and this throughout the year.

Your choices depend on the time of day and especially the seasons.

I recommend that you alternate and adjust your tastes and preferences between so-called 'Hot' and 'Cold' teas for your body.

Teas galore for 4 seasons

White teas for quiet floral mornings, more fragrant, vibrant Oolong and Sheng Puer for energizing mornings!
For the Sheng Puer, if he is young (less than 15 years old) be sure to have eaten well. Its strong astringent and diuretic properties can whet your appetite instantly and, if abused, make your head spin! Hence its undisputed reputation for melting fat and losing weight. These 3 preferably in spring and summer; these are called “cold” teas. Indeed, they help to lower the temperature and cool the body.
Red, black and fermented teas, such as Shou Puer, Oolong during the day and in the evening, more supple and less “theinated”.
Called “hot teas”, they revitalize the stomach in particular, ideal all year round, but specifically in autumn and for the long winter evenings.
Follower of a very old Shou Puer, during or after a well accompanied dinner, just like me I am sure that at the end of each meal you will not be able to do without it.
However, this can also be combined.
With a good digestive, a small mandarin with Puer tea; perfect alliance for taste and health!
You will have understood: just as there are several seasons, there are also different colors of teas with multiple benefits for our well-being and our health. It's up to you to vary the pleasures to do yourself good gently.

Spring: Green teas, Tie Guanyin and unfermented Oolong family.

After the end of year celebrations and good winter meals, our body needs to eliminate waste and toxins to lighten up. Green teas and especially Oolong Tie Guanyin tea with detoxifying properties, is ideal for boosting our purifying organs. Even better, it is an ally, because it also fights water retention thanks to its draining properties.
Just what you need to gently lose a few extra pounds!
Spring and summer are the best seasons for fresh and also raw teas, because they not only help regulate the temperature, but also keep the line.
Tea has always been considered an excellent slimming ally. The most effective are certainly raw Puer teas (Sheng) such as our Yushang Tuo Cha or our dragon balls!
Puer teas, rich in polyphenols, allow the body to absorb a minimal amount of fat during digestion and promote energy consumption by the body.
They also help to reduce the accumulation of fat promoting weight gain or obesity and therefore reduce bad cholesterol.

Summer: White teas, Tie Guanyin, Sheng Puer, fresh Dancong.

During the summer periods, tea will allow you to quench your thirst pleasantly and will be your best ally to reduce these discomforts due to the heat.
You can drink any green, Guanyin and unfermented tea such as our 2019 Vintage Raw Puerh Tea.
Fresh, racy and simple, helps to thin, purify the blood and reduce blood pressure.

(I advise you to also consult the section) The ideal tea

On the same line, less astringent and sweeter, the Xiaguan Tuo Cha 2006.
But also our White Peony. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, lower in caffeine than most other teas, it is ideal for fighting cell aging and oxidative stress!
Excellent for the skin and specifically that of the face.
It also promotes thermogenesis, and therefore helps us burn calories as part of a varied and balanced diet.

Autumn: Tangerines, fermented Oolong, red teas, Liu Bao Cha.

At the start of the school year, our morale is often low. We lack vitality for daily tasks and returning to work.
To lift your spirits and cope with the changing seasons, the invigorating little green mandarin with aged Puer tea is ideal. Anti-fatigue, rich in antioxidants, with citrus flavors, its polyphenols will put you back on the way to school.
For persistent fatigue, opt for a longer program with the Yan Mei plant. Real tonic for the body.
Something to help you prepare effectively for the winter season!
With autumn and its rainy days, our joints do not celebrate. Lack of flexibility, swelling, stiffness… To promote movement and joint comfort, we recommend relaxation with Yan Mei Cha. The benefits of crystal clear white berries have been used for millennia by Chinese medicine. Your nights will be sweet and restful.

Winter: Fermented teas, Yunnan Puer Cuit, Tangerines, Hua Zhou Ju Hong, Orange peel.

When winter begins and the temperature drops, the body becomes more sensitive to temperature changes. The decline in vitality is a complicated consequence.
To help strengthen your natural defenses and regain your enthusiasm, let's go for tea!
As part of a varied and balanced diet, tea is an ideal source of antioxidants in winter, helping to resist seasonal changes. Chinese legend attributed its benefits, including its longevity.
You can also boil tangerine peels to infuse your fermented Puer teas, this will soothe your throat too.
You can add it to our Yiwu Zhengshan Brick, Meng Hai, our Aged Shou Puer Cake and of course our Xinhui Tangerines. Who says winter also speaks of family dinners and holidays! Bring cream and crystal; a little water on the ski slopes or at the beach, your well-being will follow you everywhere!

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