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Organic wild black tea from Shennongjia – Organic Red Tea – 50g

Organic wild black tea from Shennongjia – Organic Red Tea – 50g

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Exceptional Origin and Wild Flavors.  Discover the authenticity of wild Shennongjia tea, harvested in the heart of the UNESCO nature reserve in the Hebei region. The soil, ideal with a pH between 4.8 and 6.5 and composed of green sand, creates a perfect environment for the growth of tea trees. Harvested in the wild according to the teachings of Lu Yu, Shennongjia wild black tea grows naturally on rocks offering a variety of terroirs and trees aged tens to several hundred years. Purity is maintained throughout the process, no additives are added during processing. An exceptional taste experience with wild flavors, full of perfume, smooth on the palate and offering an infinite aftertaste. The nutritional richness of this tea is manifested by a zinc content of 32.7 mg/kg, 11.1% polyphenols, 4.25% caffeine and 23.8% amino acids. Discover the authentic taste of wild tea from Shennongjia, a treasure of preserved nature.

Origin :   Shennongjia, Hubei

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