Collection: Liu bao cha or Tea of ​​the 6 castles

Liu Bao tea, or Liu Pao, is an aged and fermented black tea originating from the city of Liu Pao, Guangxi province, China. 2008 Liu Pao tea in a basket

This tea, like other aged teas such as Pu'er, is well known for its many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis, reducing body fat, reducing internal heat, relieving fatigue, and most importantly, for how it helps with digestion.

It is for this last reason that, among the Chinese, we regularly drink it before, during or after meals.

Being an aged tea, the tea is, you guessed it, aged. Not only that, but it improves with age, like wine, or even like Pu'er tea, as the flavors soften and become more complex.