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Brick 7581 Yunnan cooked Pu-erh tea - 250 grams - 2005

Brick 7581 Yunnan cooked Pu-erh tea - 250 grams - 2005

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Discover a natural treasure from the enchanting plateaus of Yunnan, in Menghai, where time seems suspended, revealing age-old magic. Our Classic 7581 cooked Pu-erh, carefully designed by the famous Kunming Tea Factory (aka CNNP), transports you on a taste adventure initiated in 2005.

This tea, carefully aged in Kunming, in the heart of Yunnan, comes in its original 250 gram packaging, like a treasure to explore. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite flavors where plants merge harmoniously with local scents and aromas, evoking the sweetness of the undergrowth. Each sip offers a smooth and sweet experience, accessible to everyone.

Our Pu-erh is made from large fermented leaves from the Menghai region, conferring unique properties. It provides warmth to your stomach, stimulates circulation, and can contribute to your well-being by helping to control fat.

The preparation of this precious beverage is a magical ritual in itself. At 100°C, awaken the tea leaves, gently rinse them twice in just 2-3 seconds, releasing their subtle aromas. During the infusion at 90°C, experience a sensory dance: 6 seconds for the first, 9 seconds for the following, each drop of water passing through the tea to reveal its earthy, soft and sweet aromas.

After several infusions, taste the transformation of this precious nectar by boiling it for 10 minutes, revealing an authentic and captivating palate.

The liquor of this tea has a shade of dark red wine, evolving gently towards a light ocher over the course of the infusions, retaining its ruby ​​color, like a living work of art.

When you taste this divine tea, you will be amazed by its creamy sweetness, aged richness with hints of camphor and a subtle scent of smoke and tobacco. Each cup is a sensory experience, robust and robust, opulent, asserting itself with earthy and generous touches that intoxicate you.

The texture is ample and aromatic, strong and tannic, enveloping your palate in a warm embrace.

To preserve the magic of this treasure, keep it in its original packaging, without confining it in an airtight box. Let it breathe, perhaps display it on a library shelf, where it will continue to mature over time, revealing new layers of enchanting aromas.

Our aging teas have no expiry date. Every day, every year, they improve, offering an increasingly rich and deep taste experience, an invitation to an unforgettable journey into the world of tea.

Origin: Yunnan, Menghai

Specificity: Classic 7581 Cooked Pu-erh from Kunming Tea Factory (aka CNNP). This is a production from 2005. The tea is aged in Kunming on the Yunnan plateaus.

Packaging: 250 grams packaged in its original packaging.

Bouquet: Vegetal taste with scents and aromas of terroir, earthy, with notes of undergrowth, soft and sweet, very easy to taste.

Made entirely of fermented large-leaf Pu-erh varieties from the Menghai region.

Properties: Warms the stomach and promotes circulation. May contribute to fat reduction and well-being.

Dosage: 8 to 10 grams depending on the number of people.

Preparation: Bring the tea to 100°C and rinse it quickly (2-3 seconds), preferably twice. Then, infuse the tea at a temperature of 90°C for 6 seconds for the first infusion, then 9 seconds for the following infusions, increasing by 6 seconds with each new infusion. The water passes through the tea to reveal its earthy aromas which soften over time.

After several infusions, boil the tea for 10 minutes to discover its authentic flavor.

Tone: The color of the tea liquor varies, from a dark red wine hue to a light ocher for quick infusion. The tea takes on an earthy intensity while retaining its ruby ​​color.

Taste: The brewed tea is sweet and smooth, with an aged taste, notes of camphor and a light smoke/tobacco scent. Full-bodied and robust, opulent, with earthy and generous touches.

Texture: Full and aromatic, strong and tannic, enveloping your palate.

Storage: Keep tea in its original packaging and avoid airtight containers. Expose it to the open air for optimal aging.

These are aging teas that improve over time, with no age limit. Enjoy a taste experience that gets richer and deeper each year, an invitation to an unforgettable journey into the world of tea

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