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Yiwu Ripe Puer Big Leaf Tea Brick – 250g – 2005

Yiwu Ripe Puer Big Leaf Tea Brick – 250g – 2005

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Originally from Yiwu, Yunnan, this magnificent brick of Cooked Puer Tea from 2005 is packaged in 250 grams, protected in original packaging, carefully placed in a recycled cardboard box.

Offering a captivating bouquet with slightly sweet, earthy notes of cocoa, with touches of wet earth after the storm, this tea stands out for its ample and generous character, suitable for all times of the day, particularly during evenings. with marked tannins. Its robustness harmonizes perfectly with the qualities of the wines of Pauillac and Pessac-Léognan, asserting its opulence due to its double fermentation, while being caffeine-free.

Its ample, aromatic, round and tannic texture offers warming properties for the stomach, promoting blood circulation and contributing to the reduction of fats in the blood.

To prepare it, wake the tea at 100°C, perform a quick rinse, then infuse at 90°C, gradually increasing the infusion time to reveal earthy aromas which evolve into sweet subtleties over the course of the infusions.

Its tone, starting from a light ocher for rapid infusion, evolves towards an earthy intensity while retaining its distinctive ruby ​​color.

For optimal conservation, keep the tea in its original packaging, avoiding large spaces and strong odors, favoring ventilated places for optimal aging. These teas age and improve over time, offering constantly evolving aromas, with no age limit for consumption.

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