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Cooked Pu-erh “tea paste” cream from Yunnan – 78 g – 2016

Cooked Pu-erh “tea paste” cream from Yunnan – 78 g – 2016

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Discover a Pu-erh Tea Cream (Cooked) from Yunnan, packaged in a 78 gram bottle. This cream, wrapped in a special golden paper, has a particularity: a protective layer of oxidation can form when opened.
It offers a woody, sweet taste bouquet with nuances of cocoa, as well as a unique fragrance. This cream is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Rich in minerals, amino acids and polyphenols, it warms and nourishes the stomach, promotes digestion, and helps recover after a hearty meal or a lively evening.

Additionally, it is known for its positive effects on fat reduction and blood circulation, as well as its ability to protect the stomach lining, especially from damage related to alcohol consumption.
For its use, approximately 1 gram allows you to prepare around ten light infusions or a denser version, similar to a long coffee. Dosage may vary depending on your preferences.
In terms of preparation, I advise you to place it in a teapot or a transparent cup to observe the evolution of the infusion. It is best to use mineral or filtered water with a low lime content. No need to rinse, pour 100 degree Celsius water directly. Personally, I let it steep completely in a cup to get a more intense color. When shaken, its color changes from a cognac tone to that of coffee, providing an extraordinary experience.
This tea cream evolves to perfection depending on the latency of the infusion, revealing tones ranging from a light armagnac to a dark cognac, to finally evoke shades of coffee.
To best preserve its characteristics, keep it in its original packaging or in an airtight box, avoiding temperature variations.
In summary, Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Cream (Cooked) offers a remarkable taste and beneficial experience, giving free rein to a palette of unique flavors and benefits for the body.

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