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Queen of White Peonies Cake – 357 g – 2021

Queen of White Peonies Cake – 357 g – 2021

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Light and floral spring. Our Fuding white tea cake for this year 2021. Smooth, vegetal and opulent. A little greenness. Generous, its aromas follow its tones over the years. Taking the path to his palace its colors are autumnal. A bit of mineral. This liqueur, this nectar becomes citrusy and sweet. After 18 years it will have aromas of exotic fruits. Silky and round composition, naturally generous, magnificently tasty; a true passion fruit.

Origin : From the prestigious terroir of Fuding, Mount Taimu in Fujian province, the birthplace of white tea.

Year: 2021-2023 (Possible of the year)

Specificity: White peony pancake in its traditional paper packaging.
(The cover changes over the years)

Conditioning : A 357 gram pancake

Bunch : Very floral on the nose before opening the packaging, vegetal and mineral on the palate. Fresh and opulent, lilac and wisteria over long tastings.

Properties : Helps lower temperature and cools the body. Excellent for the skin and specifically that of the face.

Dosage: 7 grams with which you can taste around ten infusions. Very vegetal taste. Vary according to your desires.

Number of infusions: With a 357 gram cake, you will be able to enjoy around fifty infusions.

Preparation : Preferably use mineral or filtered water, low in limescale. Wake up the tea quickly with 100 degree water. First infusion 5 seconds, taste then infuse 8 seconds, 11. Add 3 seconds for each additional infusion.
You will feel in this cake all the delicacy and quality of the selection of the leaves. Plant fragrances, becoming fruity and floral over infusions and time. Aromas of redcurrants, blueberries and red fruits as they age.

Tone: Pretty golden and sweet color

Conservation : Light and floral, this cake is fresh for the year 2021. Smooth, vegetal and opulent, I advise you to taste it quickly. Generous, its aromas will follow its tones over the years. Taking the path to his palace, its colors will become autumnal. A bit of mineral. In the photo, the dancer, our peony from 2016 (article out of print), is darker and still full of vitality. Some people prefer to wait in order to savor more delicious and fruity tannins.
Over the years, this liqueur, this nectar will become citrusy and offer sweet aromas to your palate.
For excellent aging the cake must be able to breathe. Avoid spaces that are too large and odors that are too strong (incense, cigars, etc.)
Keep in its original packaging and do not close the cake.
No shelf life date.

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