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Mini Pomelo - Citrus grandis Tomentosa - 2021

Mini Pomelo - Citrus grandis Tomentosa - 2021

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Discover our 2 Hua Zhou Ju Hong / 2 Mini Pomelo / 2 Citrus grandis Tomentosa, traditional remedies to relieve coughs. With their characteristic flavor combining initial bitterness with citrus sweetness, these infusions promise a real delight for the taste buds.

Prepare to enjoy moments of well-being over several days with these generous infusions. When the taste begins to fade, simply boil them again to reinvigorate their beneficial aromas. Treat yourself to at least 10 days of happiness in the company of our Hua Zhou Ju Hong - Mini Pomelo. Citrus grandis Tomentosa - / Units - 2 minimum~

Find your balance and comfort with our products, and let yourself be transported by the benefits of nature.

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