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Liu Xing CHAWANG - Ban Zhang raw tea Galette - 2014 - 357 g

Liu Xing CHAWANG - Ban Zhang raw tea Galette - 2014 - 357 g

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Origin: Pu-erh, Ban Zhang, Yunnan

Specificity: The cake was stored in Kunming. The development and aging of the flavor is a very pleasant surprise! Lots of value for a reasonable investment. The beauty of the design, the shape of the cake is neat and full, and the traditional cotton paper packaging is simple and clear. Surrounded by six red stars, like the twinkling stars in the night sky.

Packaging: 357gram pancake, Wrapped in its original paper.

Bunch : Sparkling golden honey tea liqueur.

Properties: When brewing a cup, the tea color is like a yellow-orange jewel, oily and shiny. From the first infusion, the aroma of tea fills the air, and it seems that one can smell the faint smell of village smoke like the writings of Tao Yuanming. The tea infusion is rich in flavor, like a gentle embrace, full of sweetness and sustenance, as if jumping woody notes into the throat.
By the third brew, the orange tea is smoother, the sweet, honeyed flavor overflows into the mouth, and the guttural rhyme is more evident. By the fifth brew, the tea exhibits a brownish-yellow color, layers of flowers and fruits, and a honeyed aroma, with rich layers of taste and a lingering aftertaste.
After seven steeps, the color of the soup is still that of a jewel orange.
It's like she's laughing softly with you. This cake is not only sturdy as a cake, it also seems to be a song of the years, one that stands the test of time.

Dosage: 8 grams for long and generous tastings. After 8 infusions I recommend that you boil it for 10 minutes and be surprised by its authentic palate.

Preparation: Wake the tea at 100°C and rinse it quickly (2-3 seconds) twice preferably, then infuse the tea at a temperature of 90°C the first time, 6 seconds, then next infusion 9 seconds, at each new infusion add 6 seconds.
The water passes through the tea and allows you to appreciate its generous and surprising aromas which soften over time. The color is brown. 15 seconds - the first sip - the taste is sweet with small aged tones at the end. Further sips highlight the mature tastes. The sweetness returns to the mouth through your nose. No bitterness. Nothing disturbing. Second cup - riper taste, lots of sweetness, still no bitterness. Astringency arrives timidly. You can spot the camphor flavors in the teapot. Third cup – astringency increases and you may observe a cooling effect on your body. Riper taste. 25s - the fourth, fifth infusion; The bitterness is now gone.

Tone: Sparkling golden honey tea liqueur, turns brown over time.

Taste: The liquor is pleasantly sweet. The aroma of the rinsed leaves is reminiscent of the sugars of yellow date flowers and fruits. Slightly astringent. The color of the infusion is brown.

Texture : It is smooth with a pleasant mouthfeel and a remarkable camphor taste, woody, smoky, moist notes.

Storage: This is a good cake to keep in your tea chest and you will have a cake worthy of a Chinese medicine cabinet in your collection. Keep in its original packaging and do not lock the brick in an airtight box. For excellent aging, avoid spaces that are too large and odors that are too strong (incense, cigars, etc.). Ideal for displaying and leaving in the open air (Library for example). They refine over time.

Note: Possible small holes in packaging due to age.

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