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Small green mandarins aged Puer tea – 200g – 10 years

Small green mandarins aged Puer tea – 200g – 10 years

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Origin : Yunnan

Specificity: Green mandarin from 2018 invigorating with Shou tea (cooked) Puer cooked Gong Ting (Premier quality) aged from 2010.

Conditioning : 200 g, approximately 20 tangerines.

Bunch : Pronounced citrus on the nose then a roundness on the palate with very fragrant and refreshing notes.

Properties : Regulates Qi, revitalizes the stomach, dissipates phlegm and moistens the throat. Ideal in winter. Also has anti-inflammatory effects. Also helps reduce fat.

Dosage: One tangerine corresponds to between ten and twenty infusions depending on the latency.

Preparation : Put the whole tangerine with the tea in your teapot or Gaiwan. Preferably use mineral or filtered water, low in limescale. Wake up the tangerine at 100°C and rinse it quickly 2 times, because it is an already aged tea. For the following infuse at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius 5 seconds the first time, then 8 seconds, 11. Add 3 seconds for each additional infusion or according to your taste. You will quickly find your balance.

For fans, watch the video at the bottom of this page!

Tone: Autumnal color and citrus liqueur.

Conservation : No limit however best the first year. Store the tangerines in an airtight container.


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