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Spring raw Puer Aged in Oak Barrels

Spring raw Puer Aged in Oak Barrels

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Born from the know-how of the great wines of Bordeaux, this exceptional creation is the fruit of a marriage of two thousand-year-old cultures with ancestral know-how. Like wine, the nature of the terroir produces an exceptional quality which however only sees the light of day by the method used combined with the love of work. A unique product, a creative apogee of know-how, a great vintage.

A traditional Puer black tea aged in oak barrels from a great Bordeaux wine. Grown at around 1300m above sea level on Jingmai Mountain, Yunnan Province in China.

The tea trees grow in a protected nature reserve listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Picking is done entirely by hand, no pesticides or fertilizers. The tops were harvested between March and May by our Bulang family.
This tea produces a bright orange cup color with sweet and complex earthy and floral notes. Sweet notes, apple pie see tatin, rhubarb, dried fruits, fleshy, tannic and flowery note.

Origin : Yunnan

Conditioning : 100 Grams of tea in an ideal metal box so that the tea can breathe and avoid the volatility of its aromas

Specificity: This spring Puer tea ages in oak barrels of Bordeaux grands crus. Its creator is a Frenchman living in China, with an advanced oenological culture. He settled in China and fell in love with this millennial culture, he now develops the aromas of this know-how, combined with our French culture. This tea produces a bright orange cup color with sweet, complex and floral undertones.
Sweet notes, apple pie, rhubarb, dried fruits, fleshy, tannic and flowery tamarindo

Properties : Has a high antioxidant content. Allows you to travel between Bordeaux and the foothills of the Himalayas in the Yunnan region

Dosage: 7 grams for about twenty infusions.

Preparation : Do not rinse this tea! You would cleanse his soul and the environment that gave him his perfumes. This work was harvested by hand in the mountains of Jin Mai, a protected natural reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dried in the shade then cooked. It is of exceptional purity and cleanliness. Use water at 100 degrees Celsius and quickly infuse the first infusions. You can then adjust and tune some latency. 3 then 6 seconds, 9 seconds then 12, 15.

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