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Vintage raw Pu-erh tea sacred mountain – 400 g – 2019

Vintage raw Pu-erh tea sacred mountain – 400 g – 2019

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Origin : Yunnan

Specificity: Vintage Raw 2019 Puerh tea.

Conditioning : 400 gram cake, handmade.

Bunch : Sensational ! Fresh, racy and simple. Young, harsh and astringent, you will feel the fine selection of its leaves. It is a tea of ​​sensations. A flavor will appear over intense infusions. A return sugar called: "Hui Gan". It is similar to that “fifth flavour” on the nose and on the palate much appreciated by the Japanese, which is found particularly in certain green teas, but also sometimes in dark teas. This "Umami" is linked to the presence of certain amino acids.

Properties : Helps to thin, purify the blood and reduce blood pressure. Warms the stomach in order to restrict the
fats. It is highly recommended to taste it after eating.

Dosage: 7 grams with which you can enjoy a nice fifteen infusions. Very aromatic taste. Vary according to your desires.

Number of infusions: With a 400 gram cake and given that it is a young tea with a “generous Hui Gan”, a long aftertaste, you will be able to savor approximately between fifty and sixty infusions.

Preparation : Preferably use mineral or filtered water, low in limestone. Wake up the tea at 100°C and quickly rinse it 2 times. Then infuse the tea at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius for the first time, 6 seconds. Taste then infuse again for 6 seconds if you like. The next infusions will surely be longer because they are less astringent and last 9 seconds, then 12, 15...
I advise you to pass the first infusion very quickly because its robustness will develop too much astringency on the first palates. You will then be able to enjoy this tea for long hours over ten palates where it will make you discover all its suppleness, its generous and persistent aromas.

Tone: Spring yellow green with apricot tints on longer infusions.

Conservation : Keep in its original packaging and do not enclose the cake. The Sheng Puer become refined and lose their bitterness during the third year. For excellent aging the cake must breathe. Avoid spaces that are too large and smells that are too strong (incense, cigars, etc.)

No age limit. Just like Shou Puer are aging teas and see their aromas develop over the years. You can drink it young (lots of astringency). In China, this tea will have matured and evolved a lot, after aging for 15 to 20 years. The Sheng (raw) Puer, just like the Shou (cooked) follow the fluctuations of the course of the tea and take besides a lot of value.

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