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Gold pastilles - Cooked Pu-erh tea - 2006 - 250 g

Gold pastilles - Cooked Pu-erh tea - 2006 - 250 g

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Origin: Yunnan

Specificity: easy to taste, practical and produces beautiful infusions.

Packaging: 6 gram tablet that can be cut for individual infusion. Total of 250 grams packaged in airtight package.

Bouquet: Sweet and delicious, earth, rockery.

Properties: Warms the stomach and facilitates circulation. Also helps reduce fat.

Dosage: 3 to 6 grams depending on the number of people.

Preparation: Bring the tea to 100°C and rinse it quickly (2-3 seconds) preferably twice, then infuse the tea at a temperature of 90°C for the first time.

Tone: The color of the tea liquor is a dark red wine shade. With a light ocher color for very rapid infusion, this tea will take on an earthy intensity then dark and creamy.

Taste: Soft, sweet, generous, mellow, round, mild chocolate and cocoa flavors.

Texture: Full and aromatic, wet earth, peat.

Conservation: Keep in its original packaging and do not lock the head in an airtight box. For excellent aging, avoid spaces that are too large and odors that are too strong (incense, cigars, etc.). Ideal for displaying and leaving in the open air (Library for example).

It refines over time. These are aging teas and see their aromas develop over the years. No age limit.

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