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Xinhui Chenpi – Dried orange peel from Xinhui 2010 – 新会陈皮 – 50 grams

Xinhui Chenpi – Dried orange peel from Xinhui 2010 – 新会陈皮 – 50 grams

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Origin: Xinhui, Guangdong.

Specificity: The mandarins are washed and then carefully peeled so that the juice from the fruit does not deteriorate the quality of the peels. They are then left to dry in the sun. Then, they are stored in a dry and cool place or sheltered from the air and put back to dry regularly. After several years of ageing, the peel changes into "chenpi".

Packaging: 50 grams packaged in an airtight box.

Bouquet: Generous, soft and sweet, very easy to taste on its own or to infuse teas such as peony or cooked Puerh. An explosive surprise for the olfactory senses and a treat for the palate.

Properties: Xinhui mandarin peel is an exceptional ingredient. It is a precious plant that contains incredible properties and is also used for therapeutic purposes.

Indeed, the tangerine peel of Xin hui is appreciated for its fragrance and its unique quality. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends it for its action on Qi, immunity and cardiovascular health. It is an ally that helps preserve health and well-being.

Dosage: One bark for 8 large infusions

Preparation: Rinse it quickly (2-3 seconds) 2 times preferably with water at 100° C and, then infuse until the water has a nice yellow color. Adjust to your preference. I recommend that you boil it to obtain a beautiful orange-yellow water and discover its authentic palate.

Tone: The color of the liqueur changes from a bright yellow to an ocher for longer infusions

Taste: Citrus, tangerine, orange.

Texture: Full, aromatic and sweet.

Storage: Keep in its airtight container.

They refine over time

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