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Blue Stamp Puerh raw full tea Cake from Yunnan- 357 g - 2013

Blue Stamp Puerh raw full tea Cake from Yunnan- 357 g - 2013

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Origin: Yunnan Province

Specificity: Raw vegetable Pu-erh tea from Yunnan

Packaging: 357 g pancake

Properties: Sweet, astringent and energizing flavors. It not only awakens your taste buds but provides a taste delight. A burst of energy and motivation.

Dosage: 7 grams with which you can enjoy around fifteen infusions. Very aromatic taste. Vary according to your desires.

Number of infusions: Depending on the length and latency, you will be able to taste at least 15 to 20 consecutive infusions

Preparation: Preferably use mineral or filtered water, low in limescale. Bring the tea to 100°C and rinse it quickly twice. Then, infuse the tea at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius for the first time, for 6 seconds. Taste then infuse again for 6 seconds if you like it. The next infusions will surely be longer because they are less astringent and last 9 seconds, then 12, 15…
I advise you to pass the first infusion very quickly because its robustness will develop too much astringency on the first palates. You will then be able to enjoy this tea for many hours over ten palates where it will make you discover all its flexibility, its generous and persistent aromas.

Tone: Spring green yellow with apricot hues on longer infusions.

Storage: Keep in its original packaging and do not lock the cake. Sheng Puer matures and loses its bitterness over the years. For excellent aging the cake must breathe. Avoid spaces that are too large and odors that are too strong (incense, cigars, etc.)

No age limit. Puer teas are aging teas and see their aromas develop over the years. In China, this tea has matured on the plateaus of the Yunnan province and has already evolved considerably, after 10 years of aging.ies.

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